Education & Coaching Resources

Paddle Australia Qualification Scheme Handbook
Hosted via the Paddle Australia website, the PAQS is the hub of Guide and Instructor qualifications across Basic Skills, Flatwater, Whitewater and Sea.

Paddle Australia Safety Guidelines
A comprehensive guide to the minimum requirements for the safe conduct of Recreational Paddling activities.

Paddle Log
Paddle Log is an online logbook which is available as an app, making it easy to use for paddlers out and about. It also comes in a desktop version for those who prefer a larger screen. If you’re keen for an older-style .excel logbook, check out this Log Book Template but ensure it is agreed upon with your assessor.

Flatwater Learners Manual 
Australian Canoeing manual for flatwater leadership and guide qualifications, covering weather, navigation, risk, rescue and group leadership topics.

Whitewater Learners Manual (2015)
2015 Australian Canoeing manual for whitewater leadership qualifications, covering weather, navigation, risk, rescue, communications and group leadership topics.

Survey of Paddle Education in NSW (2021)
A comprehensive survey of paddle educators and coaches in NSW conducted by Karly Ognenovski, Margi Böhm and Lynn Parker in November 2021, including recommendations for future actions to progress paddle education and coaching.

Search and Rescue Services (Ackowledgement: Phil Benfield) 
A great compilation of videos providing information for enrolling into PAQS courses, setting up logbooks,  navigation, and rescue techniques.

Paddle Sydney Harbour Flyer
Issued by NSW Maritime, this is a quick, must-read guide to paddling safely on Sydney Harbour.

Paddle Your Own (Australian Canoeing, PDF resource)

Teaching Flatwater Technique