Our Plan

Our aim is to provide the best opportunities to paddle whilst remaining financially sustainable.

Project Name Project Project Champion Status
Single Membership System Encourage clubs to  use the Paddle Australia Membership System so members can complete their membership in a single transaction. This saves members confusion and reduces fees for clubs Peter Tate In progress 13 Clubs already on System
Premium Waterways Guide To create a waterwaysguide with premium features that are included in the full membership as well as recreation membership Waterwaysguide Committee Free Version Available for desktop and iphone. Need funding or volunteer skills to develop this – Current platform is Drupal
Best Practice Model Paddler Access to Waterways Develop a guide Maritime and Councils can use when considering improving access. This guide will also be useful for clubs when submitting grants to improve facilities Tony Hystek In progress.

Grants open already

Partners Encourage and support organisations that support paddling through the Partner area of the website Anjie Lees with Student Placement Reyanna Currently have 22 partners listed
Volunteer Management Improve the recruitment process for volunteers, clearly define roles/tasks, improve the training/induction for volunteers so they feel they can add value in a short space of time, improve recognition so awards are based fairly and volunteers receive the recognition they deserve – this project extends from our board, paddlesports and to all levels of volunteering within our organisation We are currently looking for someone to champion this project – possibly a new board member
Coaching As well as participation our sport can not grow in quality without our coaches, many have completed courses but have not successfully completed the other requirements to be awarded the qualification. We need to get more people in to the coaching course but more importantly we need a clear path for them to achieve qualification. We should be embracing technology to improve the quality and the process Kiaran Lomas, Anjie & Margi Currently putting together grant for 2 female foundation coaches for each club. Development of online training and better system to capture prequisites
Grant Management Develop calendar and system for identifying grants and suitable projects for PaddleNSW and its clubs, assist with putting together submissions, record outcomes with reasons We are currently looking for someone to champion this project – possibly a new board member
Schools and Youth Participation Our sport has great numbers in the middle age category and is a great sport for life. We would like to encourage more participation in youth across our sport. Our project is to encourage paddling as part of school with the sporting schools program matching up our skilled coaches/guides, clubs and partners with schools to offer this experience. To also offer after school programs This project is soon to commence as we have identified partners and are in process to have paddling recognised by sporting schools. In the coming weeks we will be surveying schools in samples by area to identify interest in offering the program