Safety Resources

Every paddle should be a safe paddle, whatever the water course or conditions. It is imperative to review your paddling plans and safety equipment before getting on the water, let others know what you’re up to, and be aware of things to look out for while you’re out.

The Paddle NSW Waterways Guide is an invaluable resource on waterways around NSW, including water level data and detailed information for those planning trips. On your phone, the guide is part of the PaddleSafe App, which allows you to plan trips and let others know where you’re going.

The Paddle Australia Qualification System (PAQS) provides information on Australian paddling qualifications for leaders, instructors, guides and coaches, including relevant safety knowledge.

The Education Resources page links to a number of education documents with relevant safety content.

NSW Maritime

NSW Maritime is the government organisation concerned with boating, waterways rules, safety and other information about using waterways in NSW. Their Safety and Rules page includes key information on paddling-relevant topics including lifejackets, waterways rules and emergency response.

NSW Maritime’s Facebook page is a good place to look for warnings and up-to-date waterways news.

The 2013 PaddleSafe video (embedded right) discusses lifejackets, being seen on the water, knowing the boating rules, being seen on the water, planning your trip and knowing your limits. Similar information is available here in text format.

PaddleNSW Articles

Paddling in Floods – Tips for having fun but managing risks when paddling on high flows, flood waters or when potential flooding may occur, including deciding when not to go paddling.

Parramatta River Exclusion Zone – Where one can and can’t paddle on Parramatta River.

Further Resources

BOM NSW Warnings – Be aware of current weather warnings in NSW

BOM NSW Floods – Specific rainfall and river information on your river catchment

Paddle Safe on Sydney Harbour – PDF guide from NSW Maritime

Port Authority NSW – Check daily vessel movements in Sydney and NSW ports

Water NSW – Daily river reports and gauge data for NSW river catchments