2023 Harbour Racing Series

The Harbour Racing Series offers paddlers new to open water unique courses in the lower risk racing environment of enclosed harbour and lake waters. Long courses are generally between 14 and 18kms, while short courses are between 8 and 12kms.

This year, the series runs once a month between April and September.

Enter via the Harbour Series Webscorer Portal

Early bird entries close midnight the Monday before the race; final entries close 6pm Thursday before the race. No late or on the day entries.

Purchase your RacePass via this link: Paddlensw Harbour Racing (webscorer.com)

The Harbour Series RacePass: The more races you pre-pay for (in one Webscorer transaction), the bigger the discount you get. You choose which races you want to enter at a later time. If you buy a 5 RacePass you’ll receive a discount of $5:00 per event, you choose which 5 races from the 6 race series you want to enter. The 4 RacePass allows you to prepay for 4 races and receive a discount of $4 per event. Similarly, buy a 3 RacePass and you’ll receive a discount of $3:00 per event. Once you use up your RacePass you can enter any remaining races by registering as per normal.
Of course, you can continue to enter each race using the normal webscorer registration process.

Once purchased you can use the pass to enter the race(s) you choose.
If you need assistance contact: events@paddlensw.org.au

Attendance at the pre-race Paddler Safety Briefing is mandatory. Due to the prevailing conditions, the Race Committee may alter the course and/or start order on the morning of the race. The final Course and start order will be explained at the Paddler Safety Briefing.

Race 1

Pittwater Challenge, Saturday 15th April – Race Guide & Course Maps

Race 2
Dolls Point Classic,  Sunday 7th May – Race Guide and Course Maps

Race 3
The Iron Cup, Saturday 17th June – Race Guide and Course Maps

Race 4
Hacking Classic, Saturday 29th July – Race Guide and Course Maps

Race 5
Central Coast Harbour Classic, Saturday 26th August – Race Guide and Course Maps

Race 6 (Finale and Series Presentation)
Newy Harbour Classic, Sunday 24th SeptemberRace Guide and Course Maps

The Series Presentation will be hosted at the Newcastle Cruising Yacht Club – event information and tickets

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