Race 2: the Iron Cup : 5 June 2022

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Sunday 5 June, 2022
Start from Salton Reserve, Drummoyne, NSW
Early Bird entries close Monday 30 May, final entries close Wednesday 1 June

Race 2 of the 2022 PaddleNSW Harbour Racing Series returns to Sydney Harbour for the Iron Cup, hosted by Pacific Dragons, Dragon Boat and Outrigger Canoe Club.

Please read the race information carefully as a few things have changed this year for the 2022 Harbour Racing Series, including new Rules

Race Check-in: 7am to 8:15am
Briefing via email and, COVID permitting, on-site at 7:50am

Race Start:
8:25am  Division 1 – Open Long Course  (Wave 1)
8:27am  Division 2 – Intermediate Long Course  (Wave 2)
8:30am  Divisions 3 & 4 – Short Course (Inc SUP) (Wave 3)

SHORT COURSE (Lap 1) & LONG COURSE (2 full laps)
SHORT COURSE (Lap 1) & LONG COURSE (2 full laps)

All the usual Covid-related guidelines and safety procedures will remain in place. It should go without saying, but will be said anyway: if you’re not well, have any cold or flu like symptoms, are waiting for Test Results, and/or should be isolating, please DO NOT come to this event.


Race Guide

Iron Cup Race Guide

What else do you need to know?

PNSW Harbour Racing Series Rules 2022: PNSW Harbour Racing Series Rules 2022

Course Options

  • There are two course options offered; Long Course and Short Course. The Long Course distance is approximately 14km, and Short Course distance is approximately 10km
  • SUP’s may only enter the Short Course.

Race Divisions

The following Divisions will be available to enter:

  • Division 1 – Open Long Course: for paddlers who are able to maintain an overall pace through the long course of 6min 30sec per km or faster  (>~9.5kmh)
  • Division 2 – Intermediate Long Course: for paddlers who are able to maintain a pace no less than 8min per km (>~7.5kmh)
  • Division 3 – Short Course – for all craft other than SUP
  • Division 4 – Short Course SUP

Race Numbers

  • All paddlers in the 2022 series will receive a new race number that you will use the same number for the entire series. Paddlers doing their first event of the Series will collect their race number stickers at registration.
  • Entrants (excluding SUPs) will receive 2 race number stickers.
  • Race Number stickers must be affixed, one on each side of your craft, on a vertical face, above the waterline, and where they are clearly visible to Finish Line Officials. It is in your interest to make sure your number can be seen, if you want your time recorded.
  • Other number panels should be removed or covered over to avoid confusion.
  • Paddlers who change craft during the series will need to apply for a new number at registration.

Race Start

There will be 3 (three) starts.

  • 8:25am Division 1 – Long Course – Competitive  (Wave 1)
  • 8:27am Division 2 –Long Course – Intermediate (Wave 2)
  • 8:30am Divisions 3 & 4 – Short Course (Inc SUP) (Wave 3)

The Race Starter will:

  • Hold up a Wave Number card (1, 2 , 3) to indicate the which wave is about to start
  • Raise a green flag giving the paddlers in that wave a 1-minute warning to come up to (but not cross) the start line
  • Race Start will be signalled by the dropping of the green flag and a single blast of an air horn.

Race Finishes

  • The finish line, which may be unique to each course, will be explained in the race briefing notes. All paddlers must cross between the finish line chequered buoys in order to have their time recorded.
  • Any paddler who withdraws from a race after the start and exits the course without finishing (DNF) must inform the Timekeepers or Race Officials at the race finish line, and must not pass through the finish gate.

Compulsory Equipment

  • All paddlers must wear a Level 50 or 50S non-inflatable lifejacket that conforms to Australian Standards.
  • One paddler of every Ski, Outrigger Canoe, Va’a or SUP must wear a leg leash at EVERY event. Paddle leashes or use of both paddle leash and leg leash together are not advised for Ski paddlers.
  • All kayak paddlers are advised to wear a spray-skirt and use a paddle leash. Kayaks must have bulkheads and sealed compartments to provide buoyancy.
  • Paddlers must enter the water through an entry gate (two teardrop flags) where compulsory equipment and boat numbers will be checked. Failure to enter through the designated entry gates will result in a DNS (Did Not Start) being applied.

Series Point Score

Points will be awarded to boats based upon their finishing position within their entered Division and, where applicable, Age Category:

  • Division 1, 2 and 3:

Single Ski – U18, Open (19-39), 40 – 49, 50 – 59, 60+, 70+
Double Ski – all ages
OC1 – all ages
OC2 – all ages
OC6 / Dragon Boat – all ages
Other Craft – all ages

  • Division 4 (SUP) – all ages

Series Results

The Series Point Scores (Individual & Club) and Results are explained in detail in the PNSW Harbour Racing Series Rules 2022.
A prize will be awarded at the Presentations after the the final race of the Series to:

  • The eligible male and female Single Ski paddler with the highest point scores in each Age Category in Divisions 1, 2 and 3
  • The eligible Double Ski team with the highest point scores in Divisions 1, 2 and 3
  • The eligible male and female OC1 paddler with the highest point scores in Divisions 1, 2 and 3
  • The eligible OC2 and OC6 / Dragon Boat team with the highest point scores in Divisions 1, 2 and 3
  • The eligible male and female Other Craft paddler with the highest point scores in Divisions 1, 2 and 3
  • The eligible male and female SUP paddlers with the highest point scores in Division 4