Whitewater is an overarching term for paddling on a moving body of water, typically a river, as opposed to on a flat body of water.

Whitewater paddling can range from active, moving water to demanding, extreme Whitewater.

Many different PaddleSports such as Freestyle, Slalom, Boatercross, Squirt Boating and River Running are all classed as whitewater paddlesports

Snowy Mountain Race

The first whitewater race on the Snowy and sanctioned by PaddleNSW

Freestyle is a dynamic & spectacular sport in which Freestyle kayakers perform aerial manoeuvres that are called tricks or moves.

Freestyle takes place on a stationary river freature such as a ‘wave’ that can be formed by a drop in the water height.

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Slalom is a competitive sport with the aim to navigate a decked canoe or kayak through a course of hanging downstream or upstream gates on river rapids in the fastest time possible.

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Wildwater racing is a competitive canoe/kayak discipline whereby the athlete must manoeuvre a 4.5m long and quite unstable craft down a section of river as fast as possible.

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