Race 2 & State Championships: Canberra

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Results Saturday / Results Sunday

The 2022 PaddleNSW Marathon State Championships which will also be run as Race 2 of the 2022 Marathon Series, will be hosted by the Burley Griffin Canoe Club over two days on Saturday 5th & Sunday 6th March.

A BIG THANK YOU to the team at BGCC for agreeing to host two days of racing.

These State Championships will be run under the ICF format of Age/Category, rather than our normal Divisional format.

This will give entrants an opportunity to paddle against competitors of their own age (within 10 year brackets) and in similar craft.

These State Championships will be run over two (2) days, with Singles events being run on Saturday, and Doubles events being run on Sunday.

Three race types are on offer:

  • ICF Championship races – for ICF K1/K2 & C1/C2 craft ONLY, with portage required for entrants up to 59 years of age. 60+ do not portage.
  • Non-ICF Championship races – for all other craft types. No portage required.
  • Non-Championship races – for entrants who wish to paddle their normal Division distances.

Medals will be presented to Winners and Place-getters in Championship events only, and in accordance with normal ICF protocols. (ie: you will need to beat someone to win a Medal – EG: 4 starters – we will present Gold, Silver & Bronze, 3 starters we will present Gold &Silver only, 2 starters we will present Gold only)

Initial age categories are in ten (10) year brackets. Where sufficient entries are received to constitute BOTH 5 year sub brackets, paddlers will race in the 5 year brackets and medals will be presented accordingly.

Note that ICF C1/C2 classes have not been included in the registration form. Entrants wishing to paddle in C1/C2  classes should contact the organisers through email marathon@paddlensw.org.au or events@paddlensw.org.au to propose any classes to be added to the registration form.

Whilst not mandatory, we suggest that for paddlers wanting to enter the Non-Championship races, regular Singles paddlers should enter on Saturday, and regular Doubles paddlers should enter on Sunday.

This is also Race 2 of the 2022 PaddleNSW Marathon Series, and all entrants will receive 46 Bonus Points to be allocated against their Series Pointscore.
Paddlers entering on both days (Singles & Doubles) will receive 46 Bonus Points for each event entered.

Important Registration Information

When registering for this event you will see that there are three (3) Ticket options.

Ticket 1 – Singles Entry ONLY – purchase this ticket if you want to paddle in Singles on Saturday (even if you want to paddle Doubles on Sunday, you MUST purchase this Singles Only ticket)

Ticket 2 – Doubles Entry ONLY – purchase this ticket if you ONLY want to paddle in Doubles on Sunday. (ie: you do not want to paddle Singles on Saturday)

Ticket 3 – Upgrade Ticket –  purchase this ticket in addition to Ticket 1 if you want to paddle Singles on Saturday AND Doubles on Sunday. (you need the Singles Entry ONLY Ticket AND the Upgrade Ticket to paddle on BOTH days)



For this event, and for the remainder of the 2022 Marathon Series:

EARLY BIRD entries will close at midnight on the MONDAY before the race.

ALL entries will close at midnight on WEDNESDAY before the race.

Event Schedule

The Start List and Full Event Schedule will be produced and circulated once entries are finalised.

Singles Events will commence at 11:00am on Saturday.

Doubles Events will commence at 10:00am on Sunday.

Medal Presentations will be conducted as soon as practicably possible after the conclusion of racing on each day.


Event Dinner

For those paddlers who are staying overnight in Canberra, and looking for an opportunity to meet up with fellow paddlers for a few drinks, laughs and a meal,  BGCC have organised an informal get together (Dinner) at the Rose Cottage Inn, at 1 Isabella Drive, Gilmore, ACT. Meet at 5:30pm Saturday, for 6:0pm dinner.
Please indicate on the entry form if you’d like to attend, or email Patricia Ashton for more details (patricia.ashton@gmail.com)

Course Map

Course Map BGCC

Distances, Laps, Portages

MEN – Singles & Doubles
AGE Distance (kms) Laps Portages
(Selection ONLY)
U14 7.4 2 0
U16 11.1 3 1
U18 22.2 6 5
U23 25.9 7 6
OPEN 29.6 8 7
35-49 22.2 6 5
50-59 22.2 6 5
60-69 18.5 5 0
70-79 11.1 3 0
   80-89+ 7.4 2 0
WOMEN – Singles & Doubles
AGE Distance (kms) Laps Portages
(Selection ONLY)
U14 7.4 2 0
U16 11.1 3 1
U18 18.5 5 4
U23 22.2 6 5
OPEN 25.9 7 6
35-49 18.5 5 4
50-59 18.5 5 4
60-69 14.8 4 0
70-79 7.4 2 0
80-89 3.7 1 0
Masters Mixed Doubles
AGE Distance (kms) Laps Portages
(Selection ONLY)
35-59 X2 18.5 5 4
60-89 X2 14.8 4 0
Non-Championship Races
Distance Actual Distance Laps Portages
5km 3.7 1 0
10km 11.1 3 0
15km 14.8 4 0
20km 18.5 5 0


Early Bird closes midnight Monday (28th Feb), and All Entries close midnight Wednesday (2nd March)…….don’t forget !!!