Race 2: Windsor (State Singles)

All entries via GoMembership

Early Bird Entries close midnight Tuesday 2nd March.

All Entries close at midnight Thursday 4th March.

Racing Starts at 10:00am Saturday 6th March.

Race 2 of the 2021 Marathon Series will be hosted by Windsor Paddlesports Club, and will incorporate the PaddleNSW Marathon State Championships. As such, it will be run under the Age/Class structure, with Non-Championship events offered for those who want to paddle a double or paddle their normal distance(s).

To simplify the entry process, there will be only four (4) primary entry categories :

* Championship ICF – for ICF Class K1 & C1 boats only, with portage as required by ICF/PAMTC age rules.

* Championship Non ICF – for ALL class boats, with no portage requirement.

* Non-Championship – for ALL class boats, at 5km, 10km, 15km or 20km distances.

* Non-Championship – for SUPs, at 5km, 10km, 15km or 20km distances.

Satellite map of long course at Windsor state championships 2021

Windsor Course Map. Paddlers will complete 5km laps upstream of the start line, with the total number of laps determining the race distance. 

The Starting schedule will be determined based on Entries and advised in the Race Briefing emailed to all entrants on Friday 5th March.

Masters Age groups will initially be in 10 year increments from age 35-64, and in 5-year increments from age 65. A 10-year increment will be split into two 5-year increments if there are three (3) or more paddlers entered into each 5-year increment.

Paddlers 60+ are not required to Portage (as per PAMTC modified ICF Rules for National Championships) If the 55-64 Age Groups are unable to be constituted into 5-year sub brackets, paddlers will not be required to portage unless all entrants agree to portage.

Paddlers entering Championship events will be awarded points based on their finishing position within their Age/Class category (1st = 50 points, 2nd = 49 points, etc) with a minimum of 46 points being awarded to all finishers in all categories, and these points being carried back to into their Division pointscore.

Paddlers finishing the Non-Championship events will be awarded 46 bonus points which will also be taken back into their Division pointscore.

All the usual Covid conditions apply – please don’t enter or attend if you have cold or flu-like symptoms, if you’ve been in, or you come from a Covid Hotspot, or if you’re supposed to be in isolation for any reason. Social Distancing will continue to be a focus for us in 2021.

PaddleNSW has a dedicated ServiceNSW QR Code, and to ensure compliance with NSW Government requirements, all paddlers, support crew, and spectators MUST scan and Check-in upon arrival at Macquarie Park.  The QR codes will be placed at a number of locations around the venue to assist with Check-in and Check-out.

Satellite map of Macquarie Park, Windsor showing race facilities

Layout of facilities at Macquarie Park.

The Race Briefing will be emailed to all entrants on the Friday night before the race. Please read it – there will be NO Race Briefing on the day.

Whilst there will be no formal Presentation ceremony on the day, Winners & Place-getters will be able to collect their Medals at the completion of all racing, and subject to finalisation of race results.

Please DO NOT approach Timekeepers or Officials seeking Medals until ALL racing has been concluded and Results Finalised. Results will be posted on WebScorer and PaddleNSW website as soon as possible after the conclusion of the Event.

Under current Covid guidelines, we are unable to coordinate catering services, so paddlers should ensure they bring with them all required food and hydration for the day.