Our People

The office at PaddleNSW is staffed by:

Peter Tate – CEO – Full time
Denise Rogers – Accounts Officer – one day per week

Office Bearers – Volunteer Roles

Bob Turner – Chairperson
Zac Thompson – Elected and Vice Chair
Suzi Edwards – Elected Director
Tony Hystek – Elected Director
Ros Lawrence – Elected Director
Kiaran Lomas – Elected Director
Bron Powell – Elected Director

Canoe Polo

Craig Hutchison – Chairperson
Richard Andrews
Richard Barnes
Heidi Cheney
Bob Kenderes
Cathy Miller
Nathan Rosaguti


Josh Singleton – Chairperson
Eileen Callaghan
Kim Kaar


Peter Hughes – Chairperson
Don Johnstone
Naomi Johnson

Open Water

Tony Hystek – Chairperson
Rozanne Green
Helen Morrow
Robyn Bingle
Craig Dodd
Bruce Sinclair
Richard Robinson
Nicola Frowen


Suzi Edwards – Chairperson
Anthony Butt


Emir Mujcinovic, Kim Latter, Phil Koch, Alison Borrows,
Lauri Pullkinen, Brian Cork, Michael Taylor


Anne Schooley, Sally Simons, Selena Webber,
Jeff Beere, Graham Matts, Jake Michael

Stand Up

Kiaran Lomas- Chairperson

Wild Water

Peter McIntyre, Garry Lee, Alex McIntyre, Robert McIntyre

Education & Training

Lynn Paker – Coordinator
Karen Dallas, Bron Powell
Ian Royds, Lee Wright
Andy Singh

PaddleSafe/ Waterways

Lynn Parker – Chairperson
Jeff Cottrell