Waterways Guide

Looking for information on where you can paddle?
Wondering where the best place is to set off from, or to finish?
Is there anything the ‘locals’ know that you should know too?

The Waterways Guide is the place to start. Lots of detailed information on how to get there, where to put in and especially what you can experience on your paddle. 

The Waterways Guide starts with a map, so you can zoom in on the waterway near you and learn all about it.

When you set off, make sure you log into the PaddleSafe App so others can find you if something unexpected happens. It also adds to your log of activities if you want to keep track of all your paddling experiences.

Example of a map section from the PaddleNSW Waterways Guide
Explore waterways around the state, with suggestions for river trips, entry and exit points, information on water grades and more.
Detail of trip information from PaddleNSW Waterways Guide
Many trips listed in the Waterways Guide come with detailed information on distance, river levels and what to expect of the trip.