There is something for everyone in paddling. Find out more about our paddlesports and come and give them a go

Canoe Polo

canoepolo Canoe Polo is a fast and exciting team sport, often described as water polo in kayaks. Usually played in a swimming pool where the ball can be thrown by hand or flicked with a paddle. In higher grades you can also push an opponent holding the ball. Canoe polo is a fun way to learn basic kayak skills (rolling, turning, bracing) and is suitable for all standards. Come and Try at Ashfield Pool on Friday Nights.




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Marathon paddling will appeal to people who like to keep fit. It is low impact and great for a total body workout. Marathon racing can be over any distance that has turns from about 5km upwards. It is also a great way to see NSW in peaceful water surrounds. Marathon series events are held all over the state, so participation can take paddlers to new towns or unexplored corners of well known cities. PaddleNSW marathon series have events all over NSW.


Open Water


Photo:Allan Coker

Open Water racing is possibly the fastest growing Paddlesport in NSW. The Ocean racing ski is most popular with races such as “The Doctor”event from Rottnest Island back to Perth and the “Molokai”World Championships. There are many local racing series available for beginners through to advanced paddlers. The Harbour Series races provides paddlers new to the sport the opportunity to hone skills on the more protected waters of the harbour and lakes. The Ocean racing ski series events take place off shore, and provide intermediate and advanced paddlers the thrill of racing on ocean swells and runners.



imagesmall Rafting is for everyone groups can be found paddling some of the prettiest wild rivers in NSW. You can get single craft or one that can carry 10 people. Like all water sports you will need to wear the right safety gear and be able to swim. Penrith White Water Centre is a great place to try it out. Go to for more information, or join the Willow Warriers and do your bit for the environment at the same time.


bobbin Head2 Paddling is for every family member, especially at its best when added to a camping holiday. A recreational canoe or kayak is usually more comfortable than a high performance craft, and can be loaded with gear for overnight or wilderness river trips. Join a club in your area and learn to paddle with safety. Discover the beauty of our Australian waterways and destinations, many unique only to paddlers.

Sea Kayaking

seakayaking What better way to get around the vast waterways of NSW but under your own steam and with only the noise from gulls and the splash of your paddle? With this sleek and fast kayak you can experience the thrill of the waves and currents across miles of coast. Gain some very important survival skills before venturing into a new world of pleasure.



slalom Slalom, the exciting Olympic white water sport, requires the paddler to negotiate a series of ‘gates’ on fast flowing white water. paddling technique, strength, water reading skills and speed are combined, with the competitor aiming for a fast run – timed in seconds, with penalties added for gate touches. Visit the Sydney Olympic course at Penrith White Water Stadium and see slalom in action. Check the website for competition dates.



Sprint Sprint Racing is one of the best-known competitive canoeing paddlesports in Australia and offers a great national and international career-path for athletes with aspirations of competing on the international stage.
Within NSW, athletes can begin their careers being coached at club level and compete for their clubs at the NSW Sprint Series and annual State Championships, all of which combine to ensuring the best for NSW athletes.