Show your love for all things paddling and environmental with unique merchandise created by the PaddleNSW Environment Committee and partners Boomerang Alliance, Ocean Crusaders and Perky by Nature.

Email for enquiries and orders. Items are posted once a week (we are volunteers running this!). Thanks for your support.

Upcycled Clothing & Accessories

Look cool for a good cause with our ‘Pick up while you paddle’ and ‘paddle against plastic’ clothing range (large design on the back, small PaddleNSW logo on the front), and shoulder bags. Thanks to Boomerang Alliance and Ocean Crusaders for their support with this. Contact us to get a shirt, jacket or bag sent.

The bags come in a pack with cards to thank a cafe for using non-plastic, compostable coffee cups or to ask those who aren’t using them, to use them! Made by Boomerang Alliance, you can check out the cards here.

Prices: T-shirts/jackets $25 each including postage, or 2 for $45 including postage. Activist Pack (3 bags, 25 cards) $15 plus postage. Discounts available for larger orders.

A blue bag and a black T-shirt with 'pick up while you paddle' logo draped over a boat
Back of paddler, modelling while T-shirt with 'paddle against plastic' logo.
A black T-shirt and a grey long-sleeve, both with logos about paddling, draped over a boat.

Keep Cups

Made from bamboo (including the lid) with a silicone sleeve to protect your hands from hot liquids, by Perky by Nature. Say goodbye to disposable coffee cups (even compostable ones are still a waste of energy and resources). ‘Pick up while you paddle’ design and ‘Paddle with Pride’ rainbow cup available. Regular coffee-cup size (12 oz, 335 mL).

Prices: $25 each including postage, or 2 for $35 including postage. Discounts available for larger orders.

Two colourful keep cups with logos 'pick up while you paddle' and 'paddle with pride'