Rules for carrying kayaks on cars

Have you ever wondered what the rules are for carying your kayak, canoe or ski on a car?

Do you know about maximum overhang, hanging flags etc?

PaddleNSW undertook to contact ServiceNSW in late 2023 to seek advice on this exact topic. Whilst there doesn’t appear to be any specific rules relating to the carrying of kayaks, ServiceNSW did refer us to their document “Specifications for Light Vehicles” which identifies maximum allowed vehicle length, including any overhanging object, and the maximum distance that the object can overhang, to the rear.  

There are two documents that you might find useful;

It’s important to note that the documents are complementary, and should be read together. One doesn’t overrule the other. 

** Do remember that this is a point in tme guidance and you should always check with ServiceNSW for current legislation **

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