Photojournal – 2023 Marathon Series Presentation

Cover photo: The Juniors who paddled in the last race.

1: Alexander Mrkonja – Winner of the New to Paddling Junior Series – in his first year of paddling.

2: Naomi Johnston and Andrew Osborne – winners of the Encouragement Awards

3: Kevin Nettle and James Harrington – winners of the Outstanding Achievement Awards

4: Andrew Webber – the Highest Overall Point Scorer of the Series (993 points)

5: The winners of the 100% Commitment Medals – all having paddled in every race (10) of the series. (L-R = Lachlan Stokes, Andrew Webber, Michael Dellapina, Don Johnstone, James Harrington)

6: James Harrington, winner of Division 1

7: Don Johnstone, accepting the Brian Norman and PaddleNSW ICF CLub Championship Trophies on behalf of Lane Cove River Kayakers

8: Our two Rising Stars – Anthony Dartnell (MWKC) and Lachlan Stokes (SSCC)

Here’s a link to the Final Series Pointscores.

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