Marathon paddling will appeal to people of all ages, who like to keep fit. It is low impact and great for a total body workout. Marathon racing can be over different distances, from as little as 5km, up to more than 100 kilometres. That’s why they call it ‘Marathon’!

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Images: Ian Wrenford & PNSW Marathon Series

The Paddle NSW Marathon Series is a series of races held throughout NSW and hosted by affiliated Clubs on their own waterways. It is a great way to meet new friends, paddle with mates and to see NSW in peaceful water surrounds. Marathon series events are held all over the state, taking paddlers to new towns or unexplored corners of well known cities. The Paddle NSW Marathon Series caters for paddlers of all ages and skills, allowing paddlers to choose from race distances of 5, 10, 15 or 20kms – and within time ‘divisions’ to suit their current experience.

2023 Marathon Rules (edited 22/08/24)

The PaddleNSW Marathon Series comprises a number of ‘Divisional’ races run by the
PaddleNSW Marathon Committee (‘the Committee’) and delivered by PaddleNSW
affiliated clubs throughout NSW and the ACT.

Marathon Competition Rules 2023





Juniors are once again invited to compete on some of the state’s best waterways in 2023.
The 2023 Junior series will take place within the 2023 Marathon Series, and is aimed at giving ‘new to paddling’ juniors the opportunity to experience the thrill of marathon racing over much shorter distances whilst being in clear view of their family and friends.

U/10: 2km. All U/10 paddlers are required to paddle with an accompanying adult.
U/12: 3km
U/14 and U/16: 3km
U/18: 3km

The Junior Series paddlers will start with the Division 13 paddlers.

Races in the series:
Race 1: Woronora – Saturday 24th June 2023
Race 2: Penrith – Sunday 23 July 2023
Race 3: Grays Point – Saturday 19th August 2023
Race 4: Narrabeen – Saturday 30th September 2023
Race 5: Burrill Lake – Saturday 14th October 2023

Juniors wanting to compete in the series must enter their age category rather than the divisional category. Ages are determined as of December 31st, 2022, so a paddler who turns 13 in 2022 would be required to paddle U/14 rather than U/12. Doubles crews should enter in the age group of the oldest paddler.

Juniors are welcome to paddle in whatever craft they’re comfortable in, and doubles entries are also strongly encouraged.

Points scored in each race of the series will count towards the end of season score, with each paddler’s best three results being used to calculate their final series pointscore, and the ultimate female and male winners in each age category.

More advanced juniors who wish to paddle in faster divisions or longer distances as part of the Marathon series should enter in the regular Divisions as appropriate.

If you have any questions about the Paddle NSW Junior Marathon Series, please feel free to email the marathon committee at We look forward to seeing you on the water!

The NSW Ultra Series first took place in 2019 and incorporated five races of increasing distance around the state. In 2021, this will expand to six races, offering paddlers unique challenges and the opportunity to race on some of Australia’s most beautiful rivers.

2021 NSW Ultra Series Dates

2019 Level Awards

Name Distance Level
James Pralija 424.3 5
Ruby Ardren 414.9 4
Peter Fitzgerald 319.6 3
Brodie Cambourne 303.9 3
Jeff Hosnell 288 2
Duncan Johnstone 288 2
Don Johnstone 282 2
Richard Barnes 280.2 2
Gareth Stokes 258.5 2
Greg Smith 258 2
Frank Kingma 258 2
Deb Buchan 253.8 2
Richard Fox 252 2
Trevor Nichols 244.4 1
Anne Moore 233.4 1
Wade Rowston 219.3 1
Barton Bennison 219.1 1
Annette Boath 211 1
Stephen Routley 209.7 1
Charly Wellard 203.4 1


2019 Furthest and Fastest

Female Double: Anne Moore/Charly Wellard
Female Single: Ruby Ardren
Male Double: Duncan Johnstone/Jeff Hosnell
Male Single: James Pralija
Mixed Double: Frank Kingma/Annette Boath

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