PaddleNSW Establishes Environment Committee

PaddleNSW has established an Environment Committee with members from across NSW whose aim is to empower the NSW paddling community to care for and improve our environment.

The PaddleNSW Environment Committee’s main focus for the next couple of months is organising clean-up events for SUPtember (SUP stands for Single-Use Plastics). SUPtember is, as you’ve hopefully guessed, in September, with a month of campaigning by many environmental organisations to reduce the amount of plastics being produced and ending up as waste in our environment. As paddlers, our contribution to the campaign is cleaning up rivers, oceans and lakes. Read more about the SUPtember initiative here.

The PaddleNSW Environment Committee is also:

  • Working to reduce the amount of single-use plastics at paddle events.
  • Promoting and involved in Bushcare kayaking (weed removal on rivers by kayak) and citizen science paddling projects.
  • Sampling for microplastics in the environment as part of the AUSMAP project.
  • Creating an environment page on the PaddleNSW website.
  • Promoting awareness of reducing our individual eco-footprint when paddling.

Committee members are as follows:

Bron Powell, Jeff Cottrell, Brodie Cambourne, Robyn Bingle, Bridget Cleaver, Lisa Wriley, John Stefas, Martin Boer-Cueva. 

Here’s to a better paddling environment!

Young paddlers help clean up the Macquarie River with Western Paddlers NSW and Dubbo Rivercare.
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