2020 PNSW Harbour Series reprieve

Paddlers who thought they had seen the last of the PNSW Harbour Series for 2020 will be relieved to hear that applications have been lodged with the relevant authorities to hold the rescheduled Pittwater Challenge to he held on 15th August, 2020. This is the reserve date for the postponed race, and all entries for that race have been carriesd over to the new date. The entries will be reopened to allow anyone who missed out last time, to enter the race too.

Race procedures may be slightly different due to Covid 19 restrictions that may be in place but we are quite positive about being able to conduct the race safely for all concerned.

Whether the race will proceed will depend on us receiving positive responses to the applications, and other factors such as weather (as usual!)

Train hard and train well…this is your last chance to shine in the series for 2020.

More info coming soon.

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