Celebrating Paddling Volunteers: Tony Mitchell

May 16th – 22nd is National Volunteer Week, and PaddleNSW is excited to celebrate a range of volunteers from across our paddling community. These are the people that go above and beyond, yet often behind the scenes, to ensure the smooth running of events, the beauty of our waterways and the continuity of our clubs. If there’s a volunteer you’d like to see featured, email admin@paddlensw.org.au.

Headshot of man smiling in casual grey shirt.
Tony Mitchell, an asset to Manly Warringah Kayak Club!

Tony had been a long distance member of Manly Warringah Kayak Club for several years whilst he worked in finance in Hong Kong, but we rarely saw him locally. During his time in Hong Kong he had been involved in ski and outrigger paddling and racing, and in a safety oversight role for The Dragon Run, Hong Kong.

Several years ago Tony returned to Sydney full time and began paddling in our Club afternoon flatwater and morning ocean training sessions, and has embraced every aspect of our local paddle community. Specifically Tony has:

1. Become the Club Treasurer, bringing a significant level of professional skill and insight to the job, a great step forward for the Club. This is an important milestone given the size of our club and the membership revenue we turnover year-on-year. He has brought a new level of financial discipline never seen before at MWKC.

2. Been a guiding member of the Committee formed to create the Sydney Paddle Series, a new surf ski series aimed at bridging the gap between the Harbour Series and Ocean events. This was a collaboration between MWKC, Sydney Harbour Surf Club and Shark Island Paddlers, supported by PNSW. It has been a resounding success.

3. Taken on the role as Head of Race Safety for the Sydney Paddle Series, responsible for determining and implementing safety resources for the series, a highly responsible role and one that many people shy away from.

Tony’s enthusiasm, skills and warm nature are a real asset for our club.

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