Celebrating Paddling Volunteers: Scott Dunbar

May 16th – 22nd is National Volunteer Week, and PaddleNSW is excited to celebrate a range of volunteers from across our paddling community. These are the people that go above and beyond, yet often behind the scenes, to ensure the smooth running of events, the beauty of our waterways and the continuity of our clubs. If there’s a volunteer you’d like to see featured, email admin@paddlensw.org.au.

Scott Dunbar, ‘The Towman’, Sydney Northern Beaches Kayak Club

Three men in matching hoodies smiling for photo in kayak shed
The tow crew of Scott Dunbar (right), Alan Fitzgerald (left) and Rob Greuter (centre).
(Image: SNBKC)

“One of the difficult things about sending a large team to kayaking regattas,” writes SNBKC, “is getting all the boats there and back, and in one piece.

Scotty is SNBKC’s chief towman. Whether he is towing the trailer to Penrith or to Adelaide, he is always available, he organises the team of towmen and trailer loaders, makes sure the trailers are loaded safely and correctly and always gets the boats to the regatta on time. He will drive through the night on the way to Adelaide and back to so that the kids can race. He even had to remove a fallen tree in the dark one morning after a storm to get the boats out of the Academy for a regatta. Ably assisted by his co-pilots including Alan Fitzgerald and Rob Greuter, we couldn’t paddle without him.”

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