Learn to Paddle

Good basic skills are the foundations to paddling flat, white and sea waters in a variety of craft designed to match a range of activities like touring rivers, lakes and oceans, playing games and canoe polo, racing in sprints, marathon, rivers or slalom or freestyle. Learn to paddle for fun or competition, and participate in Club events, State or National Championships.


What are the basics to paddlers?

Take a moment to view this video, it covers a lot of ground (sorry water) and some good advice before exploring too far.  Be seen be safe, be prepared and wear a life jacket,

Download this free book Paddle_Your_Own to see the various craft, specially designed for each paddle sport; the equipment you will need; the basic strokes; and awareness of the environment and much more.Start your paddling conservatively and build up as your experience and skill develops.

Paddle on your own

EXPLORE the PaddleNSW paddlers Waterways Guide map and find places to paddle,  clubs to join, paddle businesses to assist with equipment, qualified instructors – all who will help you to improve skill and efficiency.
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Paddling Safely in Sydney Harbour (click on the map to download the leaflet)When paddling on Sydney Harbour and its
■ Avoid shipping lanes and main traffic areas
■ When you need to cross, take the most direct route at
right angles to the direction of traffic
■ Always pass behind rather than in front of bigger vessels
and beware of their wash
■ Keep a good lookout at all times, using your eyes and ears
■ Don’t assume skippers of large vessels can see you
■ Always wear a lifejacket
Note: Refer to www.maritime.nsw.gov.au
for further rules and advice. 

Find a PaddleNSW Club.Some will focus on particular paddle sports and others may be interested in exploring the waterways but membership enables you to participate in cross Club events too.  Get to know like minded people who will share their skill and knowledge for getting the most out of the sport. A Club will often have a range of equipment to try out before you buy.