BIG announcement – the new PNSW Ultra Marathon Series


PaddleNSW is pleased to announce a new race series for 2019.

Commencing in September 2019, the PaddleNSW Ultra Marathon Series will comprise the following events:
Race 1 – Wyong Ultra (30kms)
Race 2 – Myall Classic (47kms)
Race 3 – Clarence 100 (100kms)
Race 4 – HCC – Wisemans Dash (65km), HCC & BorB (111kms)
Race 5 – Burley Griffin 24 Hour Challenge

Paddlers can enter as many of these events as they wish, to achieve the following objectives
Level 1 Ultra Marathon Paddler – 200km completed
Level 2 Ultra Marathon Paddler – 250km completed
Level 3 Ultra Marathon Paddler – 300km completed
Level 4 Ultra Marathon Paddler – 400km completed
Level 5 Ultra Marathon Paddler of the Year(furthest distance completed) – Trophy & Perpetual Trophy

ALL paddlers who achieve Levels 1-4 will be awarded a PaddleNSW Shirt with the Level ‘x’ Ultra Marathon Paddler wording or artwork on the back or sleeve.
The winners of Level 5 in each class will receive a Shirt and Trophy. Paddlers CAN change boat classes through events and still accumulate kilometres for a Level award (eg paddle a K1 in Race 1 and a ski in the other events). The Level 5 awards (minimum of two events must be completed) will be:
Female Single
Male Single
Female Double
Male Double
Mixed Double
U18 Female
U18 Male

Additionally, we award the following Prizes:
Fastest Female Single
Fastest Male Single
Fastest Female Double
Fastest Male Double
Fastest Mixed Double
Fastest U18

The ‘Fastest Paddler’ prizes will be determined on the following basis:
Paddlers must use the same boat class for all eligible events (eg K1, Long Rec, Ocean Ski)
Paddlers eligible for consideration are those who have completed the greatest number of events (minimum of two) in their demographic group – (eg if 4 Female Singles complete three events and 2 paddlers complete four events…the prize will be determined between the 2 who completed FOUR events).

The calculation will be: Total Distance/Total Time. Highest average speed wins. Distances and times will be based on the official results.

All Paddlers who compete in the BGCC 24 Hour Challengewill have a time of 24:00 recorded for that event. Paddlers who compete in the BGCC 24 Hour Challenge in a team will have only have their individual laps counted for the distance covered. Team paddlers will be asked to keep a careful track of their individual lap count and to have that record certified by their team mates for use in determining ‘Fastest Paddler’ prizes.

Watch our website and facebook for more information about entry.

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