NSW Canoe Association

NSW Canoe Association was formed in 1949. Further info to come


PaddleNSW Inc came into existence on 15th March 2008 following a meeting of members of NSW Canoeing, which had just voted to wind up the association.

The name PaddleNSW was chosen with the intention of starting a new organisation dedicated to servicing the needs of NSW paddlers in the absence of an alternative state association.

Chaired by Dianne Chellew, a further meeting on the 30th March elected an interim committee comprising

  1. Dianne Chellew (President)
  2. Tony Hystek (Vice President)
  3. Lynn Parker (Secretary)
  4. Lawrie Kenyon (Treasurer)
  5. Tim Hookins (Public Officer), and PaddleNSW was born.

The concurrent winding-up process of NSW Canoeing required the transfer of assets to a similar likeminded organisation, inevitably to be PaddleNSW.

A special general meeting was called in July 2008, where the following people were elected: Dianne Chellew: President

  1. Tony Hystek: Vice President
  2. Lynn Parker: Secretary
  3. Ian Hancock: Treasurer
  4. Tim Hookins: Public Officer
  5. Lawrie Kenyon: Ordinary Member
  6. Phillip Chellew: Ordinary Member

Some committee members have not been able to serve their full term of office due to ill health resulting in the resignation of Phillip and Dianne. Ian Hancock also resigned due to work commitments. In Dianne’s absence, Tony Hystek was nominated President, Tim Hookins became Vice President, and Simon Mann was invited onto the committee as treasurer. With a desire to forge links with the slalom community, Chris Thompson was also invited onto the committee, making a total of 7 members for the remainder of the membership year.