PaddleNSW Strategic Review

Some members are aware there was a motion passed at the 2022 PNSW Annual General Meeting to conduct an independent strategic review including business operations and the roles of Board, staff and consultants. The motion was passed 25 votes for; 22 against. The Board proceeded to obtain quotes from independent consultancy firms that conduct such reviews in the sporting environment. The quotes received were each in the vicinity of $30,000+

Based on this significant expenditure, the Board decided to seek further feedback from our membership before committing to such investment. A Special General Meeting was conducted online on 28th February. We required 44 people for a quorum. Only 21 members attended. No formal business was transacted, although in fairness to the 21 members who gave their time to attend, we discussed the issue at hand for close to an hour.

In tandem with the SGM, PaddleNSW conducted an online poll. From approx. 2,200 members, 60 chose to respond. Twenty members responded in favour of the review being conducted by an independent consultancy firm at a cost around $30K, and forty members preferred a less-costly option with the review being conducted by appropriately-experienced personnel from within PA membership and our PNSW affiliated clubs.

The Board obtained advice from PA’s legal consultant, who confirmed PaddleNSW had acted responsibly whilst taking the issue of significant project expenditure to our members, and that the Board has sole power to make a final decision as it deems fit. Although there was opportunity to conduct a second SGM one week later, the Board felt those members wishing to express their opinion did so on 28th February, and that a quorum would still remain problematic a week later.

Accordingly, the Board’s final decision was to establish a working party from within PA and PaddleNSW members who are independent of staff and the Board. Such a group has been formed, and their findings shall be made available to members after the review is completed; targeted for completion prior to the end of this financial year. The group comprises a chartered accountant; a professional educator focusing on leadership and organisational change; and an investment manager. Those same people also volunteer in key positions with PA Advisory Groups and PaddleNSW affiliated clubs. We are fortunate to have such expertise willing and able to conduct the review.

We thank the members involved in discussion, debate and voting during recent months, and we look forward to the outcomes providing sustainability and growth for the organisation in years to come.

On behalf of the Board,

Kiaran Lomas – PNSW Chair

Peter Tate – PNSW Chief Executive Officer

28th March 2023

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