Celebrating Women in Paddling: Karen Tipping

This March, we’re celebrating women in paddling, from volunteers and officials to those making waves in competition! Across the week we’re profiling seven women whose contribution to paddling has made a difference, be it in the running of events, gender balance on and off the water, building clubs and pushing the boundaries of what is possible on and off the water.

Karaen Tipping

Women with big smile, sunglasses and blue cap holding the tail of a kayak.
Karen fell in love with paddling in her 40s.

Though she might be considered a latecomer to paddling, sport and creating a welcoming, diverse environment have always been part of Karen’s life.

In 2021 she was quick to put her hand up for the newly formed PaddleNSW Diversity and Inclusion Committee and is now its inaugural Chair. The Committee has only been running for a short time and comprises a great group of diverse people who are passionate about creating a safe and inclusive environment in PaddleNSW. They also have some good initiatives underway, so please watch this space!

Falling in love with paddling in her 40’s and getting more serious in her 50’s, Karen has proved that age is certainly no barrier to new and exciting goals. She won her class in both singles and doubles at only her second State Marathon Champships last weekend, and is now focused on training for her first National Championships in April.

Karen has always been keen to encourage others to get involved and ensure that everyone is made to feel welcome, especially women and everyone from all walks of life.  Her professional career has been working in the predominantly male-dominated environment of IT and Telecommunications, and she is no stranger to wanting to breakdown barriers to create a more balanced and diverse environment.

Check out the article on Karen’s 2021 Senior Paddler of the Year Award

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