2023 PaddleNSW Harbour Racing, Race 1 – Pittwater Challenge

by PaddleNSW in partnership with Learn to Paddle Now

An autumn chill started the day at sunrise on the 15th April for the first race of the 2023 PaddleNSW Harbour Racing Series. The Manly Warringah Kayak Club volunteers and Marine Rescue crews were out on the water early securing the course buoys and briefing water safety for the day. The 125 starters commenced the entry process just before 7am and were warmed with coffee from barista Marc and the early sunshine while queuing.

The race was started in the usual Harbour Racing three waves.  First, the  traditionally slower long course age groups, second, the faster classes, also over the long course, third, the short course paddlers.

It was a scenic trip up Pittwater heading due north to Lion Island and Palm Beach and reassuring to see Marine Rescue at the first turning buoy. For short or long courses there were some short runs coming home and plenty of on-water pacing for those looking for a result. Everyone returned home safely and the new boat numbers & holders all did their job well. After a short presentation for the winners of the constituted classes and acknowledgement of Guringai country, the land of the Garigal people and sponsor Learn to Paddle Now, it’s time to prepare for Race 2 at Dolls Point on Sunday 7 May. 

We know everyone who competes for a result is usually focussed on the 1 or 2 paddlers they are benchmarking, but the long course overall results are always interesting to watch. Congratulations to everyone who competed on their personal goals. The long course highlights are:

LONG COURSE (fastest overall):

  • Fastest male (ski single): Ziko Vesely (1:02:29) then Tent Mozzie Martin and Cade Barnes.
  • Fastest female (ski single): Nicci Vesely (1:12:08) then Lovaine Mackie and Suzie Rhydderch
  • Fastest double: Andrew Sneddon / David Heathcote (1:07:01) then Jacob Mako / Maximilian Mako and Macy Slater / Glenn Slater.
  • Fastest U18: Stephen Carcary (1:17:31)

SHORT COURSE (fastest overall):

  • Fastest double: Justin Lennon / Peter Holz (46:30) [**Fastest overall on the short course**] then Ella Koopman / Lutzen Koopman
  • Fastest male: Viliam Mako (47:46) then Hubert Wiest and Peter Grimes
  • Fastest female overall: Elizabeth Tyson (53:53) then Jessica Tyson and Kaija Wall
  • Fastest SUP: Chris Wright (1:23:32)
  • Fastest other craft: Tim Griffiths (1:08:53) and Annette Pitcher

MWKC and PaddleNSW would like to thank all volunteers for a successful event and Marine Rescue for providing on-water support at the race.

Results available via Webscorer here: 2023 Harbour Racing #1 – Pittwater Challenge | Race results | Webscorer

Series results available here: 2023 PaddleNSW Harbour Racing Series Point Score | Series results | Webscorer

Thanks to Geoff Horsnell for the report and the photos that capture the day: 2023-04 Harbour #1- Pittwater Challenge (MWKC) | Flickr

Enter Race 2, Dolls Point Sunday 7 May via Webscorer Series page here:2023 PaddleNSW Harbour Racing Series | Series registration | Webscorer. Early bird closes Monday 1 May and all entries close 6pm sharp Thursday 4 May.

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