Flatwater Guide &/or Instructor Training

This Course is for competent paddlers who can paddle as part of a group in flat in sheltered undemanding waters. In this course you will learn the skills and knowledge to guide others on flatwater trips in the recreation industry, organisations or Clubs.

This Course Summary is for GUIDES.  In addition, Instructors are required to demonstrate a high degree of leadership, instructor/training skills.

In a group, participants will work through structured practical scenarios to develop competence to:

  • complete a flatwater skill-set to effectively paddle safely in a kayak, and/or Sit On Top (SOT) and/or canoe.
  • conduct kayak and canoe activities including trips in winds to 16 knots in flat and sheltered waters for day and/or overnight trips considering hazard identification, risk management, local regulations, weather and AC’s requirements and safety guidelines.
  • communicate, lead and manage a group in activities across a range of prevailing conditions.

Resources and Guidelines

In addition to the Guide summary,  participants who wish to become Instructors will work on scenarios to

  • conduct a flat water training course.
  • instruct others to effectively paddle the complete skill set to the standards outlined in the Award Handbook, in a range of boats and for varying conditions experienced in flatwater.
  • Evidence-Guideline-Flatwater-Instructor

Course Cost 

  • Training Course –  $345 per person with $45 discount for PaddleNSW members  (does not include Paddle Skill Review)
  • Assessment Course  – $95 per person as part of a subsequent PaddleNSW group course.  You can undergo an assessment only after completing a PaddleNSW Guide/Instructor training course in the past year. Assessment to take place on day two of the next PaddleNSW Guide/Instructor course and  takes approximately 3 hours, although you are welcome to attend both course days at no extra charge. CONTACT education@nsw.paddle.org.au to organise.
  • Assessment for recognition of current competencies without attending a training course will cost  $445 per person with a $45 discount for members and will require an evidence based review. If a gap is identified an applicant will be assisted with a training program to reach competence.
  • Paddle Australia Registration – $170. AC provides the Award and the registration to operate as a Guide for 3 years.  Professional indemnity insurance is included in the registration.. Paid directly to AC on successful completion of the Award.
  • Extra Awards – $18 each. For those seeking Awards in more than one craft, e.g. Kayak and Canoe. For those seeking an Overnight Endorsement.

Prepare for Training

  • Assess your own knowledge and skill using the Flatwater Guide Evidence Guide (above)
  • Attending the Skills Review will enable you to brush up on your current techniques and identify any gaps in skills set.
  • Start your Log book noting current experience and what is required in the ACAS handbook for Guide or Instructor.
  • Review your skill and the resources from the website videos.
  • Practice all onwater skills and study the theory resource and starting the assignment.
  • Complete a First Aid Certificate
  • Bring your own boat and equipment prepared to work as a Guide &/or Instructor.