Race 1: Pittwater Challenge : 13 March 2021

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Saturday 13th March, 2021
Start from Rowland Reserve, Bayview NSW
Early Bird entries close Tuesday 9th, entries close Thursday 11th
Briefing via email only

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Race 1 of the 2021 PaddleNSW Harbour Series returns to Pittwater for the Challenge, hosted by Manly Warringah Kayak Club.

2021 will begin where 2020 left off, and all Covid-related guidelines and safety procedures will remain in place. It should go without saying, but will be said anyway: if you’re not well, have any cold or flu like symptoms, have been in a Covid Hotspot area, are waiting for Test Results, and/or should be isolating, please DO NOT come to this event.

  • There are two courses, Long Course (14km) and Short Course (9km)
  • In order to manage crowd sizes (Covid-19) we will have separate check-in times depending on which course and craft you intend to use. See specific times below.
  • A Race Briefing will be emailed to you the Friday night before the race. Be sure to read it as there will be no briefing on the day
  • You should arrive early in order to collect and affix your race number but not before the allocated check-in times. New numbers will be allocated.
  • Please arrive ready to paddle and leave the venue as soon as you have completed your race (once again due to Covid-19). There will be no presentations this year.
  • There will be no catering services provided in this year’s Series so bring everything you need with you.


2021 Harbour Series Spec Ski Competition (NEW 2021)

Key points:

  • Open to U17/U19 Age Groups ONLY
  • Open to Spec Skis ONLY
  • Short Course ONLY
  • Team Competition Available

In response to feedback from last season, the 2021 Harbour Racing Series sees the introduction of a new format designed to cater for Surf Lifesaving or other Juniors who wish to race SLSA Spec Skis in U17 and U19 age groups (Males and Females). The date for determining age groups is aligned with SLSA and defined as your age on 01 October 2021.

Please note this category is for only for Juniors paddling SLSA Spec Skis and will compete over the Short Course only. All other juniors paddling other craft will fall under existing Paddle Australia/ICF rules, which for the Harbour Series is U18 and defined as your age on 01 January 2021

Additionally, there will also be a Junior Spec Ski Team competition, whereby the top three U17/U19 finishers from each SLSA Club or Team (inc non SLSA members) will accumulate points to a Teams Competition total. Whilst it is envisaged that most Teams will come from Surf Clubs, Juniors from other clubs are free enter. To ensure your points are included, U17/U19 entrants must also enter the Club you are competing for. The top three placegetters from each Club will score points for their nominated Team (Club). Points are awarded on a sliding scale – 1st place = 100 points, 2nd place = 99 points, 3rd place = 98 points, etc, etc.

Please note that Juniors wishing to compete in this Series will need to be PaddleAustralia members, or will need to purchase the Single Event Licence ($10) for each event they enter.
Membership can be purchased during the Registration process.

Race BRIEFING –  Pittwater Challenge 2021

Thanks for being a part of this year’s Pittwater Challenge, Race 1 of the 2021 PNSW Harbour Series. Like last year, some aspects of how we run this race have changed due to Covid-19.

This guide replaces the traditional on-site race briefing. Please also refer to the PNSW Harbour Series Rules 2021

Covid-19 Procedures

The latest NSW Health advice can be found HERE

  • Do not attend if you are unwell or display any of the symptoms described HERE
  • Do not attend if you have had a Covid 19 test and have not yet received a negative result
  • For testing locations see HERE
  • Do not bring family who are not competing to this event or any other spectators
  • This event is being run on an arrive, paddle, go home basis.
  • Only handle your own equipment, and wash your hands regularly

Race Day Procedures

This event is conducted at the same location as previous events. Please note the following and refer to the attached MAPS.

  • Competitors are to drop-off their craft and park elsewhere. DO NOT cross Pittwater Road with your craft. (MAP 1)
  • Please respect local residents and keep noise to a minimum.
  • DO NOT park adjacent to the leash free dog park (MAP 1)
  • There will be two Check-in queues to separate people at check-in based upon which course you have entered. Stand in the correct queue and maintain social distancing. Follow any instructions from the Covid Marshals. This is a Council requirement in order to minimise gathering sizes.
  • New numbers will be issued at Race Check-in. These must be affixed on the SIDE of your craft (excluding SUPS) so they are visible to finish line staff. Failure to do so may result in your time not being recorded.
  • Ensure you have the minimum safety equipment as per the Harbour Series Race Rules. No exceptions will be granted.
  • You must pass between the two maroon MWKC flags on the beach when you enter the water. This is to check you have the minimum required equipment and to record your race number. (MAP 1)
  • Gather for your race start in the area marked in orange on MAP 2 and wait to be called forward by one of the IRBs.
  • The start line will be between a yellow buoy and the Start Boat adjacent to RPAYC. Paddlers are required to stay 50m behind the buoys until the race has been called to the start. Starts will commence as follows:

Short Course and LC Doubles :               08.25am.

SUPS :                                                   08.27am

Long Course Singles:                                 08.30 am


  • DO NOT break the Start. You must remain behind the IRB bringing your start to the start line. The IRB will move to the yellow buoy at the start line (opposite the start boat). Anyone breaking the start will incur a 2 minute penalty. VIDEO WILL BE TAKEN THIS YEAR.
  • The Start procedure will be as follows
    1. Green flag will be raised 2 minutes prior to each start
    2. Red flag will be raised 1 minute prior to each start
    3. An AIR HORN will sound the race start
  • DO NOT paddle through moored boats once you have started. Anyone noted doing this by race officials will be DSQ’d. The line of moored boats is out of bounds. The ONLY EXCEPTION to this is once you have returned through the Start Line at the Finish. See MAP 3
  • You MUST GIVE WAY to all other waterway users.
  • Remember, you are required to assist any paddlers in difficulty throughout the race.
  • If you see any of the safety boats wave a red flag on course, the race has been stopped and you must proceed as directed by the safety boat.
  • Your course will be marked by large yellow and pink buoys which are the new standard for Harbour Racing. Turn RIGHT around YELLOW and LEFT around PINK There is only one yellow buoy which you must turn around as you come to the Finish Line.
  • There is a minimum progress cut-off point for the Long Course. If you have not reached Stokes Point at a time determined acceptable to the organisers (given conditions on the day eg wind etc) you will be turned around and required to paddle back to the start. The minimum still water speed is 8.5 km/hr. See MAP 4
  • The Finish Line will be between two black and white chequered buoys. DO NOT call your race number as you cross the line UNLESS asked to do so by one of the Finish Line officials/timer. See MAP 4
  • When you finish racing, pack up and leave the venue.