Slalom Committee Update

The PaddleNSW Slalom Committee has recently reformed with the aim of rebuilding the sport from the base once Covid restrictions allow. The committee has identified substantial opportunities to grow and promote the sport for competition, recreational and paddle skills improvement, especially off the back of the high degree of publicity the sport received during the Tokyo Olympics.

Some identified, initial focusses of the committee will be to:

  • Investigate previously-used, or new natural river venues for the potential use for slalom.
  • Make contact with Water NSW to discuss potential for re-using river locations that rely on water release from dams and have historically been used for slalom.
  • Support clubs in holding low key, local slalom training sessions and small competitions with a focus only on participation, fun and social interaction.  
  • Encourage the participation of schools.  
  • Encourage all demographics to be involved in the sport, from beginner to elite and junior to senior (including beginner parents) to masters.
  • Encourage social activities associated with slalom events e.g. BBQs and camping.
  • Incorporate other facets of paddling with slalom e.g. freestyle, wildwater, polo, recreational.
  • Continue to support events and practice sessions at Penrith Whitewater Stadium.
  • Increase the number of people coaching in the state and encourage paddlers to undertake the coach education program.

Members of the committee include Brian Cork (Chair), Mike Druce, Kevin Songberg, Ros Lawrence, Georgia Rankin, Julie Curtain and Lachlan Bassett.

If you would like to assist the committee in re-building the sport or providing advice/feedback, please contact us on

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