PaddleNSW Projects

Well, we have been busy at PaddleNSW and currently have quite a few projects underway. Have a look at our projects and if you can provide some assistance please let Peter or the Project Champion know.
We are currently specifically looking for assistance on the Best Practice Guide for Boat Access including Canoe Polo.

The purpose of this document is:

1. It aims to provide guidance to our planning authorities about our access needs as paddlers. It provides scope from basic needs to best practice models as well as taking into account environmental considerations.

2. Provide suitable information for our clubs and local government when considering upgrades as well as grants possible suppliers and costs.

3. Provide better quality and more access to our waterways for paddlers.

We are looking for pictures, suppliers, rough estimates of costs, site location, and any other information which may be relevant. If not all the items above please send what you do have, and we can fill in the blanks.
We need to cover the following areas: