Paddle Australia Guidelines for Covid19

Paddle Australia has released comprehensive Covid19 guidelines for paddlers and clubs 20200319-guidance to paddlers and clubs-final

In summary:


  1. All paddling must take place in single craft; team boats (Doubles, 4’s, OC6s) are not permitted
  2. Contact paddling (such as canoe polo) is not permitted.
  3. Training may occur provided social distancing measures are in place both on and of the water.
  4. Any paddler who shows symptoms or suspects contact with Covid19 must report this to the club and immediately self-isolate


  1. There will be no inter-club, series or championship paddling events until further notice.
  2. Clubs should arrange for any surfaces or areas that are commonly used by paddlers to be cleaned regularly, and for hand sanitising products to be freely available to facility users.
  3. Communal facilities such as shower blocks should not to be used where possible, and where that is not possible, social distancing practices maintained.
  4. A register of all participants must be kept for every club activity.

Read the full guidelines above for more detailed information.