NEW Ultramarathon: The Morison 50, October 31st

In the light of relaxed Covid19 restrictions, PaddleNSW has seized the opportunity to organise an Ultramarathon race on the Hawkesbury River on Saturday evening 31st October.

It will be known as the Morison 50, in honour of Joan and Bruce Morison, paddling pioneers who formed the basis of what PaddleNSW is today.

It is an out-and-back race from Windsor, and will run mainly at twilight, with paddlers returning in darkness. With a full, micro, blue moon, it should be a night to remember!

The race even has its own web page, here.

The team has worked day and night to get this together in very quick time, so some minor details may change. However, we are confident that the race will attract hordes of paddlers keen to stretch out after the confinement of Covid19.

Entries are open. See you there!

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