A New Paddler’s Perspective – State Champs

View of results board at Sydney International Regatta Centre, with paddler and boat in the foreground.

I’m Harrison and I paddle for the Avoca Kayaking Club on the Central Coast. I have been kayaking for one year and I have learnt so much during my period of kayaking.

When I arrived for the NSW Sprint Championships at the Sydney International Regatta Centre I felt nervous when I saw the size of the area and wondered whereabouts I would be paddling.

I felt excited for my first race but slightly worried as I did not want to capsize. I then realised that it wasn’t so nerve-racking but quite fun as soon as I got in the water.

I participated in the Torpedo 500m and 200m, plus the K2 500m and 200m and the K4 500m and 200m. I wanted to give everything in those events and gain a higher understanding of what happens at a regatta so I would be well prepared in the future.

My favourite moments of the weekend included paddling in new kayaks K2 and K4 and meeting other competitors who I will see again in the years to come when paddling at regattas. The worst moment of the weekend was falling in the water and having to swim back, I have learnt that I should not go near weed when paddling.

Overall I found it awesome to have the experience of kayaking and competing with other clubs as they are fun to compete against and to make friends through the time at the regatta and to give it my all when doing anything. I am looking forward to trying out new events and to have competitors that I will know more next time.

In conclusion I love to kayak and I will do it for as long as possible.

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