Athlete Assistance Policy

Supported by Department of Communities Sport and Recreation, and PaddleNSW members.

Travel for Remote Area Athletes, Coaches and Officials

If you are a country athlete under the age of 21 and would like to receive assistance to attend major State based competition and training which is conducted more than 120km from home then you will be eligible to apply for direct fuel or accommodation costs. As the funding is limited, applications will be assessed on efficiencies, such as carpooling and room share. The attached statement is required with your application along with the payment request and receipts.

This funding is aligned to a Sport and Recreation grant, totalling $3,000 to share between all eligible applicants. Submit your requests by 28 February 2012.

If you are a Club coach or official, you too can apply for the above assistance for accompanying the athletes and supporting them at the major competitions.

Club Instructors, Coaches and Assessors

With the clubs recommendation, you can apply to have your course fees, registration costs and travel and accommodation reimbursed. Funds are limited and will be distributed on Club needs. Club membership numbers, the number of currently qualified club personnel and education plans will be taken into consideration. An applicant does not need to have attended a PaddleNSW course to be eligible, however they are conducted at a cost neutral price therefore you are more likely to receive full fee reimbursement.

Australian Athletes Assistance

If you have been chosen to represent Australia and are a current member of PaddleNSW then you may apply for assistance in 2011.  The paddlesports events and some membership funds make the pool for this assistance. To allow the funds to be equitably distributed, please contact BY JULY of each year.