Grafton Paddlesports





At Grafton Paddlesports we design and manufacture racing kayaks and high performance paddles. All our equipment is custom made from composite materials and many construction options are available.

We are passionate about creating the fastest craft on the water. Our kayaks win flatwater, downriver and multisport races all over the country.

Whether you are new to paddling or are preparing for a big race we have a boat to suit and are keen to discuss your requirements.

We build a range of Multi-sport kayaks to cover varying weight and skill levels. From the entry level TK1 spec GT Aero multi-sport kayak to our fastest multi-sport kayak the Chrono Elite we believe that you will find a multi-sport kayak to suit you and the race that you want to win.

About Us

We are paddlers making kayaks so that we have time to go paddling when the rivers are running. We try to make the best value kayaks we can and provide you with the kayak that will be best suited for your needs.

Grafton Paddlesports is run by Steve and Leila Muir. Both have been involved in kayaking for many years.

Steve started paddling after his dad built a kayak in the garage out of canvas pulled tight over a wooden frame. Later he built his first fibreglass kayak (Olymp 73) at the Big River club shed. Steve represented Australia in the junior team to New Zealand in 1978 in slalom and downriver. He went on to represent Australia in the senior Wild water racing team in 1987,89,90,91,93,98 and 1999. Steve won the Australian Open Men’s classic title 4 times.

Leila started paddling after she met Steve and got sick of waiting in the car at the take out while the boys had all the fun. She went on to represent Australia in Wild water racing in 1990 and 1999. She has won the Australian Open Woman’s individual wild water title 4 times (3 X classic and 1 WW sprint title)