Bay Sports




Established on the East Coast of Australia in 2012, Bay Sports (formerly Bay Kayaks) is a 100% Australian family owned & run business. Bay Sports offer high-quality kayaks, inflatable Stand Up Paddle boards and surf skis at the best prices in Australia. 

We are avid kayak and surf ski paddlers along the harbour and Sydney’s beaches, and take pride in finding the right kayak for you and your family. We stock a wide range of the best kayaks, inflatable Stand Up Paddle boards (iSUP) and surf skis, so no matter what watercraft you’re after, we’d love to meet you and help find your perfect match.


Bay Sports are a trusted brand and with years of research and development, assurance of quality is of absolute importance. Our manufacturing facilities are regularly audited onsite by SGS, a professional inspection and verification company, which means they must pass a strict due diligence process including an onsite assessment of the company, review of company documentation and product verification such as certifications.

At Bay Sports, all our kayaks come with a 5 year product warranty on the kayaks hull and are made of high quality HDPE materials that have a 5 year UV resistance rating. The kayaks are made via a rota-moulding process whereby a hollow kayak mould is filled with the raw Kayak material and heated to allow the plastic  HDPE material to disperse and stick to the walls of the mould. In order to maintain the optimum thickness (3.5mm), the mould is continually rotated via 2 axis, hence the term ‘Rota’ meaning ‘to rotate‘.