SSCC Cleans 40kg Rubbish at Bonnet Bay

Paddlers in lifejackets crouched around bags of rubbish collected from local river

A crew from Sutherland Shire Canoe Club kayaked over to a beach opposite the Bonnett Bay boat ramp to do a clean-up on Sunday the 21st February.

We just couldn’t believe how much rubbish there was over there, especially for an area which can only be reached by water. Around 40 kilos of rubbish were bagged up and we precariously paddle it back to the club for collection. The rest will be picked up by our local River keeper after we do another clean up on the 7th of March, for Clean Up Australia Day.

Although it’s a shame we must do these clean ups it brings club members together who don’t normally paddle together, as our club members consist of social paddlers, very keen racing paddlers, retired very keen racing paddlers, junior paddlers, let’s just have fun paddlers, parents of the juniors, but at the end of the day we are one.

I’d recommend any club to get together and do a clean-up, it is very satisfying.

An easy way to collect and record rubbish for kayak clubs:

  • place a bucket out near the water’s edge each time the club is open for a paddle
  • place items in the bucket
  • weigh bucket when it is full
  • record the amount on the app ‘Litter Stopper’ under Paddle NSW.
  • in the location area add your club’s name

Robyn Bingle, Sutherland Shire Canoe Club

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