Sprint State Champs Wrap

Penrith turned on a great weekend for our 2022 State Sprint Championships at the Sydney International Regatta Centre with mild condtions and some great racing.

Penrith turned on a great weekend for our 2022 State Sprint Championships at the Sydney International Regatta Centre with mild conditions and some great racing.

Whilst we were not unaffected by COVID, we were lucky that most of our Sprint athletes were able to attend and get a full weekend of racing in.

NSW State teams and development squads were selected in 16’s 18’s and 21’s age groups.  We had some great racing in the under 12’s in Torpedoes and Minisonic boats right up to our Open Paris 24 contingent and an increasing number of Canoe paddlers.  5 Clubs were represented.

A highlight of the weekend was the awarding of the Brian Trouville Memorial Trophy and the David James Memorial Trophy to the Champion 18 Years Girl and Boy and the Bruce and Joan Morison Trophy for the Champion Club. 

The champion 18 Yrs Girl was Tylah Richards from Illawarra CC, and was presented by last years recipient, Riley Clarke.

The champion 18 Yrs Boy again went to joint winners with Lucas Raikuna and Bailey Clues, both from Sydney Northern Beaches KC accepting the trophy from one of last years joint winners, Toby Schooley.

Sydney Northern Beaches KC won the Bruce and Joan Club Championship Trophy with great depth of talent across the age groups and some excellent performances, notably, Amelie Dooney who won all of the U14s girls events, and Michael Dunbar, who won all of the U16s Boys events.

Best of luck to all of our athletes at the upcoming National Championships in April. NSW Sprint is in good hands.

State Team Announcement

NSW State teams and development squads have been selected.  

The State Under 16 and Under 18 teams are made up of our top junior athletes who will represent NSW at National Championships. The NSW State teams were very successful at the 2021 National Sprint Championships, with many of the athletes selected in the National Junior Team and Development Squad. Hopefully NSW will be the champion team in 2022. 

State Development Squads were also selected for the first time, in Under 16, Under 18 and Under 21 age groups. These are a PaddleNSW Sprint Committee initiative aimed at providing training and competitive opportunities for young athletes in an effort to motivate them, improve their skill levels and increase the depth of Sprint Kayaking in NSW. Athletes on the Development squads will be pushing for selection on State teams in the future.

State Teams

16 Girls
Zoe Shirdon SNBKC
Bridie Brennan SNBKC
Tarren Eliott Illawarra CC 
Albee McInness SNBKC
Ella Lawsen AKC

16 Boys
Michael Dunbar SNBKC
Alexander Raikuna SNBKC
Charlie Heaton-Armstrong SNBKC
Kynan Burke Illawarra CC 
Daniel Sharkey SNBKC
Luke Chaffer SNBKC
William Bryant MWKC
Dane Burns MWKC

18 Girls
Natalia Drobot  AKC
Tylah Richards Illawarra CC 
Imogen Barnes SNBKC
Lily Fitzgerald SNBKC
Nina Fitzgerald SNBKC
Clea Jordi SNBKC

18 Boys
Bailey Clues SNBKC
Lucas Raikuna SNBKC
Jake Morris SNBKC
Callum Elliott Illawarra CC 
Sean Ryce SNBKC

State Development Squads

U21 Girls
Alisa Van Der Kwartel (SNBKC)
Sascha Taurins SNBKC
Riley Clarke MWKC
Hanako Greuter SNBKC
Georgia Weston SNBKC
Isabelle Rupenovic SNBKC

U21 Boys
Toby Schooley SNBKC
Bailey Connolly AKC
Tinus Koekomoer SNBKC
Vukasin Vujanic Cronulla Sutherland
Charles kelly MWKC
Mitchell O’Loughlin Cronulla Sutherland

U 18 Girls
Kiarna McIlwraith Illawarra CC
Evelyn Ritchie SNBKC
Jessica Tyson MWKC
Olivia Hall Illawarra CC
Charli Munro MWKC
Rosie Brennan SNBKC

U 18 Boys
Huxley Luntungan AKC
Ashton Scott Cronulla Sutherland
Jacob Wilson SNBKC
Ziko Vesely MWKC
Guy Robinson MWKC
Archie Skinner Makai
James Euers MWKC

U 16 Girls
Elizabeth Tyson MWKC
Emily Goudie SNBKC
Erica Baker AKC

U 16 Boys
Ries Diaz MWKC
Jacob Mako MWKC
Jackson Barnes AKC
Austin Dean Illawarra CC
Julian Glew AKC
Harry Euers MWKC

  • Article by Sally Simons

    Images left to right:
    – After the race
    – Bailey Clues, Lucas Raikuna and Tylah Richards 18 Yrs Champions
    – Manly Warringah Young Guns
    – Sydney Northern Beaches Kayak Club – Club Champions
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