Seabird Rescue

Woman in yellow jacket passing rescued pelican to Police rescue personnel.

Yvette Graf from Southside Paddlers also volunteers for Australian Seabird Rescue. Here she is pictured receiving an injured pelican last month. The pelican had her wing damaged by fishing line, while her mate had an even worse outcome – his head was entangled in fishing line underwater and he drowned. Millie, named after the milponds at Botany Bay that she was rescued from, is recovering well.
Yvette picks up rubbish whenever she does a seabird rescue, seeing first hand the effect it has on wildlife!

Wherever she and her husband go for a seabird rescue, they try to leave the beach or river area a little cleaner (part of the deal if you are rescuing birds and turtles that have gut loads of plastic. It’s not a once a year clean up). They do rescues with Australian Seabird Rescue and are seeing a lot of fish hook injuries at the moment.

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