PNSW Environment Committee Update

SUPtember: We are gearing up for SUPtember again (SUP = single use plastics) – our month of clean up paddles, with new prizes and competition categories this year. Start thinking about your clean up event now. Prize categories include the most participants, the most rubbish collected, and the most novel piece of rubbish collected! Plus a best photo/video prize. Stay tuned for more details!

Club Forum Sept 5: environmental activities are on the agenda – share ideas, join in on our projects.

Want to get more members/volunteers in your club? Here’s how the Mullets / River Canoe Club are doing this:

Pick up while you paddle: Several clubs run clean up paddles throughout the year, whether it be picking up rubbish at the end of a training session, regular clean up events or random clean up events whenever members can – and it ranges from groups of 3 members through to large events. All clean up paddles count, with even small participation numbers making a difference to club culture, with members knowing that the club cares for their waterways. Thanks to Sutherland Shire Canoe Club, Kayak Share Club, Hunter Valley Paddlesports Club, Western Paddlers NSW and River Canoe Club for running regular clean up paddles through the year. 

Branching out: River Canoe Club are also reducing their enviro footprint with their latest round of clubhouse upgrades: energy efficient lighting, new efficient heat pump water system and a rainwater tank for boat washing. And with a new reinforced roof that can take solar panels, that’s the next initiative in their sights. The funding for these has come from applying for grants and building a good relationship with their local Council. 

Green with envy at what we are doing? You can join in! The Environment Committee meets every two months and is a chillaxed way to share ideas, and plan events, resources and merchandise. Email and check out

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