Flosam and Jetsam Awards

The 2021 Kayak Share Club Flotsam and Jetsam awards were presented at the club’s monthly drinks at Hayes Street Beach, Neutral Bay, in January when the club also celebrated its 3rd birthday.  These awards are carefully contemplated to recognise and reward those members who have contributed the most to the club during the previous year or have displayed notable paddling skills.

All the awards, except the inflatable flamingo,  are  items found in the harbour while paddling or along the shores when doing beach clean ups.  They are sanitised, sun dried and take up valuable space in my garage along with the 300+ tennis balls that I really need to find a new home for… (Any ideas, anyone?) 

Best Flotsam and Jetsam Award:  Helen received a small green rubber ring (a dog toy) for her part in rescuing and returning a full sized life ring to the Boarder Control Force docks in Neutral Bay, admittedly after some discussion about selvage rights, possibility of surveillance cameras and exactly where it might hang on one of our walls.

Extreme Paddler:  Nam was awarded a tough man figurine and a tow rope for his exploits paddling his ski as far as Manly ocean beach and for rescuing a fellow club member in a sinking kayak.

New Paddler Award:  Judie received the spare paddle (paint scraper) award for being the member that has been the most enthusiastic paddler since joining in the middle of 2021, just before lockdown.

Most Self Rescues Award:  Tim received an inflatable sit-in Flamingo, rescued from a council household collection, to assist him with the many self rescues he performs getting back onto his ski.  Hopefully his granddaughter will put it to good use.

Champion Award:  Adrian received the gold cup for the many hours he spends training members and for taking me on the final leg, across the Sydney heads, of my circumnavigation navigation of Sydney Harbour.

Ken Award:  After spending half a day helping Ken replace pedals in one of the club’s kayaks I decided he always needs an assistant to either help with the tools or at least provide company.  His award this year was a Mario figurine complete with hammer to help on the tools and a Barbie Mermaid doll for company. 

Make it Grow Award:  The club president, Loretta, received a bunch of plastic flowers, a spray of plastic cherries and a small plastic gardening trowel for her relentless efforts to grow the club to over 160 members as well as taking on the garden behind the club’s kayak rack.

Looking forward to the March 2022 Clean Up Australia Day and new treasures to be rescued and contemplated.

– By Joanne Meader

Cover image: Nam receiving his Extreme paddler toy and tow rope (Jo Meader)

Left: Ken receiving his Barbie Mermaid and Mario helper dolls (Cathy Zenkis)

Right: Helen receiving her mini life ring (Cathy Zenkis)

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