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We would like to extend our thanks to Nick from Central Coast Canoe Club for providing a fascinating history article on Central Coast Canoe Club and Central Coast Paddle Life Memberships. We truly appreciate your effort in capturing the spirit and legacy of the club, and we are excited to share this piece of history

Central Coast Canoe Cub / Central Coast Paddle Life Memberships

Central Coast Canoe Club was inaugurated in September 1962 at Terrigal Surf Club. The limitations at Brisbane Water soon saw racing conducted on the more suitable Wyong River. Geography has been a restraint there also, with limited access points. Multiple efforts to find real estate, for a Club House over the decades, since then, would be unsuccessful.

The Club’s first Life Member, in 1974, was the aspiring 1940 Olympic Games (cancelled) runner, Jack
Mumford, who coached, and encouraged, the promising young Members since the Club’s foundation.

Also unlucky with the Olympics (1964) was CCCC Member, Norma Howard. She was chosen in the
Team, (along with swimmer Peter Reynolds,) but she unfortunately broke her collar bone!

Helen Jacobsohn attained Life Membership in June 1980 for “at least five years of Membership.”
Along with Sandra Van Stappen, (with another partner, placed at The Worlds in K2,) were the last of
the well performed athletes from the “formative years.”

Alan Brown, 16, and his older brother Neil, were outstanding Juniors from 1962 onwards, with
success Statewide. In a forerunner to today’s “Harbour Racing,” in 1963, Alan and Neil were fifth and third, with John
Burnet, also CCCC, fourth, in a field of 25 “slalom” craft, in the Manly to Mosman race on Sydney
Harbour. Two competitors from the Orange Club were first and second. (The “slalom” craft they
paddled, were a recreational design.)

In the 1980s, CCCC concentrated on Family Recreational paddling – as far south as the Hawkesbury
River – to the ultimate trip, being our six day Upper Nymboida experience! Three “Dapto” C2s, crewed
by President Jim Purss and his brother-in-law; Nick Naughton and son Rob Dawson; with two Visitors.
The first 25km took five days (in mountainous terrain) – the final 25km (in fairly flat country) took five
hours! Two of the C2s were new – made from a mould from SSCC I think – the third one had more
experience than its Paddlers, and the Nymboida would be its last voyage!

Handicap Racing was employed in the early days on Wyong River, and was reintroduced for the
Wyong Centennial in 1987 with a Series held from Lions Park. Handicap racing continues to this day.
Also, State Championships, State Series Marathon Races since the early 1990s, a “5000 metre” and
a 30km Ultra Marathon in 2019 featuring a 17km first lap, which was particularly well received. An
Annual 30km Race has been held in most of the years since 1974.

In August 1988 Nick and Margaret Naughton were “conferred Life Membership for 12 and 8 years
Membership.” Nick was Treasurer 1977 – 79, Secretary since 1980. Margaret was Treasurer since

In July 1990, CCCC President, Joe Hooper, conceived the “24 Hour Kayak Challenge.” He later
moved to Canberra – taking the “24Hr” with him. He, and Stella, were missed! The “Arrow 24hr” – a
Charity, event was held in May 2004 – featuring mainly double craft.

CCCC was the winning Club in the Hawkesbury Canoe Classic 2000, 2001 and 2002.
NSW Canoeing presented CCCC with a banner for winning the Winter Marathon Series in 2000. The
Club also succeeded in 2001.

Following Paddle Australia’s, and PaddleNSW’s lead, CCCC became Central Coast Paddlers in 2002.
Brian Southall was awarded Life Membership in June 2003 for his years of support of Members and
commencing the “Tea and Coffee Tours” at Lions Park, Woy Woy.

10th July 2012 Motion: That Mr David McPherson be awarded Life Membership of CCCC,
having entered sixteen Hawkesbury Classics, 1996 – 2011. Won class categories on two occasions.

He paddled four times with the “Kayaking 4 Kemo Kids Paddlers” –
– Coolangatta to Darling Harbour twice
– Darling Harbour to Brisbane once
– Darling Harbour to Newcastle once

Considerable charity fundraising associated with these events. He was Vice President 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004. Race Secretary 1998 to 2006. Hosted three CCCC Christmas Parties / Presentations at his property. Assisted at a CCCC Exhibition at Erina Shopping Centre.
Moved by Nick Naughton, Seconded by Clive Adams (and Peter Nickless). Carried.

The Club has celebrated both its 40th and 50th Anniversaries at Wyong Bowling Club with some
notable Paddlers attending – among them, Bruce and Joan Morison OA.

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