Celebrating Paddling Volunteers: Craig Taylor

May 16th – 22nd is National Volunteer Week, and PaddleNSW is excited to celebrate a range of volunteers from across our paddling community. These are the people that go above and beyond, yet often behind the scenes, to ensure the smooth running of events, the beauty of our waterways and the continuity of our clubs. If there’s a volunteer you’d like to see featured, email admin@paddlensw.org.au.

View of deep blue ocean and man on white surf ski with red nose riding a wave
Craig Taylor in his element enjoying the open water. (Image: MWKC)

Craig came to Manly Warringah Kayak Club only a few years ago, and whilst not completely new to paddling his skills and contribution to our Club have grown exponentially. 

Initially joining our Saturday morning adult beginner squads, he has quickly moved on to be a competitive ocean paddler (competing in the Australian Ocean Racing Series) as well as harbour racer and can be found regularly out on the ocean.

In 2022 Craig became the MWKC Surf Ski Delegate and seamlessly took on the significant role of organising all our ski events. This is an enormous undertaking given how busy this role has become with just the PNSW Harbour series alone, as it involves responsibilities for all Council and RMS approvals as well as resourcing requirements on the day.

Of particular note, Craig became a key member of the organising committee for the newly formed Sydney Paddle Series, a collaboration between MWKC, Sydney Harbour Surf Club and Shark Island Paddlers, supported by PNSW. This involved coordinating all approvals for the first two races of the Series and helping to coordinate logistics for these events. The races have been enormously successful.

Craig is now a voting member of our Committee and brings to the role  his significant commercial knowledge and expertise in the insurance industry. We are fortunate to have him as a MWKC member.

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