2024/25 Membership Fees

PaddleNSW and Paddle Australia annual membership fees for many of us will fall due by 30th June. In recent years we have made the transaction as user-friendly as possible, by paying the accumulated club, state and national fee all together in the single transaction.

Members have probably already received email notification from Paddle Australia regarding 2024/25 membership fees. The PA component has risen marginally by CPI. The PNSW component for adult club members is the same as PA ($47), which is significantly cheaper than our northern and southern state counterparts. The PNSW component for junior (U18) club members remains only $20 – the cheapest annual fee in Australia.

For direct members (ie non-club members), all states have unified on the same fee structure. Members will notice a significant gap in annual fee for club and non-club members. As a service to our clubs and their club members, PaddleNSW and the SSOs choose to subsidise the annual fee for club members. Why? Historically over 75 years it has been clubs and club members who volunteer on State & National Boards, Paddlesports Technical Committees, coordinate and host State & National Championships/Series, etc. Clubs and their members have long been the lifeblood of our state peak bodies. Direct members do not receive that same subsidised margin afforded to general club members.

Fees for 2024/25:

Club adult – $94 (PA $47; PNSW $47) plus club fee.

Club junior (U18) – $43.50 (PA $23.50; PNSW $20) plus club fee.

Direct adult – $130 (PA $53; PNSW $77).

Direct junior (U18) – $96 (PA $40.50; PNSW $55.50).

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