2021 Award Winners – Announced

Covid has intervened yet again, and for the second year running we are unable to present Awards in person to the many worthy recipients as we would normally at our Annual AGM & Club Forum.

Instead, we have had to announce each of the category winners over social media, and we now reproduce each of those announcements here on the PaddleNSW website, starting with the newest award, and the first opportunity we’ve had to make such an award………

The Environment Award

The first ever recipient is ………ROBYN BINGLE.

Robyn has incorporated environmental responsibility into the culture of her club Sutherland Shire Canoe Club, implementing an initiative whereby members pick up rubbish every time they go out training, dump it in a designated bin at the clubhouse, and the rubbish is weighed and analysed regularly and the data recorded on the Litter Stopper app.

This is creating awareness in the club about rubbish in our rivers, and instilling environmental responsibility in paddle culture. Robyn also makes paddlers aware that every little bit counts, that you don’t have to organise big clean up paddles (although the club does that too), and promotes #take3forthesea as a simple way that everyone can contribute to cleaner waterways.

Robyn has also been an active member of the PaddleNSW Environment Committee since it started 14 months ago, sharing ideas and inspiration with other paddlers and contributing to our environmental work on a state level.

Congratulations Robyn.

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