2020 Marathon Rules Released

Paddlers in the Div 3 start at Tacoma in 2019. Photo: Ian Wrenford, LCRK.

The NSW Marathon Committee has released the 2020 update of the Marathon Rules.

Read Full Rules Here (updated 07/03/2020)

It is strongly advised that you read the complete rules before your first race. Here is a summary of the major changes:

  • A number of clauses have been added to accommodate the new Junior Series. Please note that U/8 paddlers are required to have an accompanying adult paddle with them, and that it is strongly recommended for U/10s.
  • Three SUP Divisions have been added to the series, with distances of 5km, 10km & 15km
  • Div 1 time bracket changed from <1:40 to <1:38
  • Div 2 time bracket changed from 1:40-1:45 to 1:38-1:45
  • Div 7 time bracket changed from 2:10-2:30 to 2:10-2:25
  • Div 8 time bracket changed from 1:15-1:45 to 1:15-1:55
  • A new 10km division (Div 9) added for <56 mins
  • Div 10 (previously Div 9) time bracket changed from <1:00, to 0:56-1:00
  • Promotion/Relegation % thresholds updated for some divisions, please refer to table in the complete rules
  • Two ‘fast’ times to be promoted. A ‘fast’ time is a time that is faster than the median divisional time by more than the promotion %. Previously you would be promoted after doing just one ‘fast’ time, however now you will only be promoted after doing two ‘fast’ times within the current season, with the two times not needing to be consecutive. The exception to this is if you do just one ‘fast’ time with the time being faster than the benchmark time of the next fastest division by more than the promotion %, in which case you will be promoted after just one ‘fast’ time. You are also welcome to promote yourself after just one ‘fast’ time’.
  • Div 7 will now start at 10:40am, Div 6 at 10:45am, and Div 5 at 10:47am.
  • Minimum progress requirements will be introduced, addressed in clauses 47 to 49. All craft not meeting these times will be required to retire from the race (please note that a number of these have been updated as of 07/03/2020).
  • There is now a $50 fee for lodging a protest (refundable if the protest is upheld), and protests must be lodged within 30 mins from when the last paddler involved in the incident completes the course or retires.


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