Join Us in Making a Difference: Thriv3’s Murungidyal Paddles Initiative

At PaddleNSW, we’re thrilled to support a groundbreaking initiative aimed at fostering community and understanding between at-risk youth and First Responder agencies.

THRIV3 is a not-for-profit organization founded by Former NSWPF officer Pat Skinner to bring this vision to life. Surrounding himself with other like minded people to achieve common goals for the benefit of at risk and rural/remote communities. Working with other members of THRIV3 such as NSWPF Aboriginal Community Liaison Officer (ACLO) Luke Egan and Former NSWPF officer Pat Skinner to bring this vision to life.

Thriv3 has entered into a collaboration with the NSW Department of Education to target at-risk youth from regional NSW. This program goes beyond kayaking, offering participants the chance to learn leadership skills, water safety, and proper kayaking techniques. They will also engage in cultural activities like arts and crafts and traditional fishing, providing a well-rounded experience that respects and celebrates their heritage.

Our future Murungidyal Paddles will be the culmination of the 3-month Paddling Pathways in-school program, which aims to break down barriers between Indigenous communities and First Responder agencies. The concept pairs each youth with a volunteer First Responder in tandem kayaks, promoting teamwork and understanding through a week-long paddle adventure.

The first of these joint events will be held in September this year at Redbank Homestead on the Darling River, just south of Bourke, NSW. The camp will feature not only kayaking but also Aboriginal cultural nights and activities for all to enjoy. This initiative is designed to help youth connect with and respect those who serve their communities, while also allowing First Responders to gain insight into the lives and cultures of the young participants.

How you can be involved:

There are 24 kids and 20 camp staff confirmed for this first event, and we are actively seeking First Responders to join us. There are qualified kayak instructors as part of our crew, but welcome additional volunteers who can bring their skills and enthusiasm to this impactful initiative. This is just the beginning, and we plan to expand to include more schools as our resources grow.

If you are unable to volunteer, we also ask if you can help spread the word to ensure we reach as many potential participants as possible.

For Further information:



Together, we can make a meaningful difference on the water.

Geoff Kelty

Senior Assistant Superintendent

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