Flatwater – Guide &/or Instructor Assessment


Competent paddlers who can paddle as part of a group in flat, sheltered undemanding waters will be assessed as a qualified Australian Canoeing Flatwater Guide and or Instructor who can work in the industry, organisation or Club.

  • If an applicant has recently completed a PaddleNSW Training Course assessment can be undertaken as part of one of the next scheduled PaddleNSW Training Courses. The Assessment usually takes place on day two and takes approximately 3 hours, although you are welcome to attend both course days at no extra charge. Assessment Cost  – $145 per person as part of a subsequent PaddleNSW group course
  • Assessment for recognition of current competencies without attending a training course will cost  $495 per person with a $45 discount for members and will require an evidence based review. If a gap is identified an applicant will be assisted with a training program to reach competence.

Australian Canoeing Registration – $170 occurs only after a participant has successfully completed assessment. AC provides the Award and the registration to operate as a Guide for 3 years. Professional indemnity insurance is included in the registration. Paid directly to AC on successful completion of the Award.

Extra Awards – $18 each. For those seeking Awards in more than one craft, e.g. Kayak and Canoe. For those seeking an Overnight Endorsement.

If proceeding to the VET award, an overnight trip will be required.

Date and Location

Please refer to our Calendar of Events.

Assessment Summary  

In an advertised training Course, an assessment applicant will be required to demonstrate competence for conducting a range of scenarios to:

  • model flatwater paddling efficiently and safely in a kayak and/or canoe.
  • conduct or describe kayak and canoe activities including trips in winds to 16 knots in flat and sheltered waters for day and/or overnight trips (for overnight endorsement) considering hazard identification, risk management, local regulations, weather and AC’s requirements and safety guidelines.
  • communicate, lead and manage a group in activities across a range of prevailing conditions.

In addition, to verify knowledge and experience:

  • completed an assignment/s or equivalent evidence of the underpinning knowledge to guide trips and/or to conduct a Paddling Course if undergoing Instructors Assessment.
  • present a verified logbook of paddling experience over the previous two years and at least three activities of three or more hour’s duration as an observer under training and or an observer conducting Instruction
  • holding a current First Aid Certificate.

Please review additional Australian Canoeing Award requirements as specified the following website.


  • The Australian Canoeing Award Scheme Handbook outlines the assessment criteria
  • AC Flatwater Guide Evidence Guidelines
  • AC Flatwater Instructor Guidelines
  • The AC Safety Guidelines and Risk Management Guide
  • Links to basic skills videos
  • A Flatwater Learners Guide (will be provided after registration)
  • A Log book template
  • An Assignment Outline for Flatwater Guide

Course Registration

Contact education@nsw.paddle.org.au for further details to register for assessment.