PaddleNSW Sports Testing Weekend – do you want to be the Best You Can Be ?

Start your 2019 Marathon paddling campaign with the most useful set of baseline data, together with an integrated analysis of what you need to do to be the best you can be in the coming season.

PaddleNSW is offering marathon paddlers a unique opportunity to participate in a Sports Testing Weekend to be held in conjunction with the Burrill Lakes Marathon Series race.  Testing will commence on the Friday evening and continue through to Sunday lunch time.

 The program is modelled on the work done by Margi Böhm with the Emerging National Team and National U18 marathon paddlers, putting Australia back on the podium at World Championships.  It is informed by her knowledge of kayak and paddle physics, paddler biomechanics, knowledge and information gleaned from world champions, their coaches and physios and tested through her coaching in sprint and marathon.

The TrainSmart program is not just about collecting a bunch of numbers that are meaningless to you or your coach.  What you also get is an integrated analysis of your data within a performance model based on marathon canoe/kayak biomechanics, kayak and paddle physics pitched at your level, age group or division.  The beauty of using TrainSmart to inform your training program is that it provides a framework for effective training towards improved performances.

Most club level coaching programs treat all participants the same.  We are not the same and in a sport like marathon where there are many factors that interact in a complex way, standardised training goals and emphasis can only prepare you so far.  The TrainSmart program provides a holistic view of your current strengths and weaknesses which can then be used to develop appropriate training emphasis towards helping you be the best you can be.

So …. if you want to be the best you can be in 2019, think about being part of TrainSmart.  The costs for this weekend will depend on the number of participants but is expected to range between $150 (no blood lactate) – $200 (with blood lactates) per person.  The cost does not include accommodation or food.  A minimum of 4 paddlers is needed to run the program.

You can sign up for the Trainsmart program through WebScorer when you compete your on-line entry to the Burrill Lake race.

More information on the program and the schedule for the weekend is available via email from



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