2016 Marathon Series – Race 2 – Wyong (CCCC) Updated Course Information


Round 2 of the PNSW Marathon Series at Wyong this weekend will see the Start and Finish approximately 200 metres upstream from the entrance to Don Small Reserve.

PNSW Timekeepers and Race Officials have permission to use a Pontoon moored on the River bank, which will afford them a good view of proceedings.

This race is the first of the few courses this year offering a 10km lap.

Divisions 1-7 will do two (2) laps of the 10km course.
Division 8 will do their first lap on the 10km course, and then a second lap of the 5km course.
Divisions 9-11 will do one (1) lap of the 10km course.
Division 12 will do one (1) lap of the 5km course.

See attached course map with Buoy colours clearly showing the locations of the 5km and 10km lap turn points.

The Marine Rescue Food Van, and Coffee Van, will be located in the vicinity, as well as two Port-a-loos for convenience.

The sealed parking spaces near the Oval, (and Toilet building,) will still be available, with several launching spots nearby.

Competitors launching near the Start are advised to do so with care, as these foreshores have not been checked for debris which could have accumulated over the last hundred, or more, years of “development.”

Four, and hopefully five, Safety Craft wil be on the water for your safety during the Event.

Remember to enter “online”.

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