PaddleNSW objectives are to:

  1. Provide services and support for all member paddlers engaged in paddle-related activities in NSW and the ACT
  2. Co-operate with and support any association, organisation, society or individual whose activities are similar to those of Paddle NSW, and which will advance, promote or publicise canoeing and paddling related activities.
  3. Provide for the collection and dissemination of knowledge relevant to canoeing, training, safety equipment and practices, and personal fitness.
  4. Support the conservation of our waterways, bushland, native flora and fauna, and ensure that environmental considerations are taken into account in all paddling related activities conducted by Paddle NSW.
  5. Conduct, promote and assist in the organisation of safe paddling events and safe conduct in paddling.
  6. Arrange insurance for the benefit of Paddle NSW and all its members.
  7. Promote and provide opportunities for people with a disability to participate in paddling activities.
  8. Formulate and maintain the rules of competitive paddling events, including the classification of paddle craft.
  9. Foster, regulate, organise and manage competitions, displays and other activities, and issue certificates and award trophies where deemed appropriate, to members (and others)
  10. Conduct State Paddlesports championships and select representative state teams for national or international competitions.
  11. Formulate, adopt, and implement bylaws and regulations for the conduct of paddling.
  12. Enter into commercial arrangements, sponsorship and marketing and fund raising opportunities as are deemed appropriate to further the objectives of Paddle NSW.
  13. Communicate and co-operate with Paddle Australia to establish an affiliation fee structure to allow Paddle NSW and its members to become and remain the principle New South Wales and Australian Capital Territory affiliated members of Paddle Australia.
  14. Liaise with the peak national governing body, Paddle Australia, and the International governing body, The International Canoe Federation, or any other strategically aligned bodies in the pursuit of these objectives.

Adopted by the Management Committee of PaddleNSW, 15 September 2008